local towing

We specialize in all kinds of vehicle transport, but sometimes you just need to get your car across town because of an accident or breakdown. Don’t wait until you are stuck on the side of the road to hunt for a tow company. You will end up paying more than you have to, waiting forever and you never know who you are entrusting with your car and yourself because this person may be giving you a lift to auto repair or home. Have a number ready so that you can call a towing service that you can trust. Get Fast, Friendly, Reliable and Affordable car towing service with Autoland of Pittsburgh.

Lease Return

If you are returning a leased vehicle and have moved recently or just don’t want to or can’t afford to put more miles on the lease, call Autoland of Pittsburgh. We provide safe, reliable, friendly and affordable car shipping. We take great pride in the care and peace of mind that we provide to our customers.Call us today to get a free, no obligation quote and we will get the lease back to the dealer without any worries.