Open Vehicle Shipping

Open transport is the most cost effective way to transport your vehicle. In the case of open transport, a vehicle is fully secured and harnessed for transport. While there is some risk involved in open transport when compared to enclosed transport, the risk is significantly less than driving the vehicle and therefore a great option for transporting your car long distances instead of driving. This is how to ship a car when you need reliable, affordable yet never cheap car shipping service.If your vehicle is oversized, like a Hummer, large truck, SUV or a vehicle with modified specs, in the case of open transport, you vehicle will be transported on a single vehicle transport truck. If you need to ship a car of average size then your car may be carefully secured to a mulit-car transport truck. Many people wonder – how much does it cost to ship a car? Shipping a car is very affordable. It is cheaper than driving.  When you find out how truly affordable car shipping prices in the USA are, you may be surprised.

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