How much will it cost to ship my car?

Shipping your car is often much less costly than driving when you consider the real cost of driving your car long distances. We provide an easy car shipping cost calculator and have a helpful team to answer any questions.Contact us to discuss shipping your car.

Why should I ship my car instead of driving?

If you are moving out of state or across the country, there are many “hidden costs” of driving your car that often go unconsidered. When you consider these true costs to driving your car long distances and find out how affordable a quality car shipping service is, the choice is easy.

How do I get my car to you?

We pick it up where you are.

Where do I pick my car up when I arrive at my destination?

We will drop your car off at a location that is most convenient to you.

Who uses car shipping services?

Anyone and everyone: Those Relocating for job or family, Military Service Members and their Families, Snowbirds, Those purchasing vehicles online, Car Dealerships transporting inventory. Anyone who enjoys the affordability and convenience of having the car there waiting for them when they get there.

What if I am making last minute plans? Can you still have my vehicle at my door when I arrive at my destination?

Yes, we understand that sometimes life doesn’t allow for planning ahead so we do offer overnight transport

I own a luxury car. Should I ship my car?

Yes, while we handle every car in our possession with the utmost care, there are varying levels of transport. If you are shipping a luxury car, antique car or an exotic car, you will want to consider the extra safety and security of enclosed transport.

I need to relocate heavy work vehicles and equipment to a new job site. Can you help?

Yes, we transport oversized and irregular vehicles and equipment at very affordable rates. We can ship Boats, Small AirCraft, Machinery, Warehouse and Construction vehicles and the list goes on.

I am a car dealer and ship cars all the time. Are you the dealer car shipping service I’ve been looking for?

The short answer is “yes”, but you need to know why. We build a strong partnership with our dealer clients. You need reliable, quality and affordable dealer car shipping and we want to earn your trust and your ongoing business. We are in this for the long term, value every customer and meeting and exceeding the high standards we set for ourselves is something we strive for everyday.

Why should I choose you over the “other guys”?

Because we provide the highest quality car shipping at an affordable price.We understand how important your time and vehicle are to you and we treat your car like you would treat your car…or better. We are centrally headquartered in Pittsburgh and can ship nationwide.We own and maintain our own trucks which cuts costs and improves quality control so that we can provide you with the best service for the best price on car shipping.