Enclosed Shipping

Your vehicle is important to you. It not only gets you around, but, in some ways, it is part of the family. While all vehicles should be handled with care by car shipping companies, there is an option for those who have vehicles that need an extra level of care. Perhaps you just got a new paint job, you drive an exotic sports car, you own priceless classics or need race cars transported from one location to another. Enclosed transport, also called closed transport, is the car shipping While there is obviously added cost with this car shipping solution, this option is a car shipping cost that you may want to consider if you need that added peace of mind that your high value vehicle will be protected throughout its journey. This is the safest way to ship a car. With enclosed transport, the vehicle is fully secured with safety harnesses carefully placed, so as not to potentially damage the vehicle. The car travels to its new destination safely enclosed, escaping the hazards of road debris, dirt, rain that can damage finishes and reduce value. If you own a high value vehicle, this is the best way to travel.

Most car shippers will offer you this service, but make sure that you are using a reliable car shipping service that can offer you the best car shipping prices.We’re Autoland of Pittsburgh and we ship nation wide. Call us at 412-821-2524 or visit our Easy Car Shipping Cost Estimator Today for a Free Hassle-Free Quote.