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Dealer Services – Auction – Bulk Transporting

The pre-owned vehicle market is huge and we know that you need a reliable auto shipping company to ship every kind of vehicle from point A to point B  with no hassles, no worries, getting it right every time. That is why we provide reliable car shipping services for dealers. We build a strong partnership with our dealer clients. You need reliable, quality and affordable dealer car shipping and we want to earn your trust and your ongoing business. We are in this for the long term, value every customer and meeting and exceeding the high standards we set for ourselves is something we strive for everyday.

We offer affordable, highly competitive bulk car shipping rates for transport of large numbers of vehicles that arrive on time. We understand that the cost of shipping large numbers of auction vehicles is something that you must consider when acquiring auctioned vehicles because it cuts into your bottom line, but we also understand that you want only reliable and quality car shipping. That is why we provide high quality service at a very affordable bulk rate. You never have to worry about whether or you should bid on that one last car, because we have you covered whether you are shipping 10 cars or 50. Or Maybe you have had an influx of trade-ins and new stock and its time to send cars off to auction. Autoland of Pittsburgh is there for you, when you need us and where you need us, every time.

Safe, Reliable, Quality, Affordable dealer car shipping from your car shipping partners at Autoland of Pittsburgh. We ship nationwide.

Planning a trip to auction to buy or sell or both, give us a call to set up your transport, discuss rates. When you know the numbers in advance you can make the best decision for you and your business. We are ready and happy to assist you.

Dealer Services – Getting the car to your customer

We offer car shipping of all kinds. But sometimes you have a customer visit you on your lot or online who lives or is moving out of state and just does not want to put all of those miles on his or her new car. We have the answer. Call us up. We can provide either open transport or closed transport to get the customer’s car to their location. It is quick, it is easy and it is affordable to get safe and reliable car shipping nationwide. This is no problem at all. Call us to today to get rate quotes so you don’t have to lose a sale because of distance ever again. You’ll know exactly what to say to put the buyer at ease and close that deal. – “We work with Autoland of Pittsburgh, so We can have it shipped right to your door.”