Autoland of Pittsburgh offers high quality, hassle-free Car And Truck Shipping  for an affordable price  It might come as a surprise to you that many transportation companies do not even own their own trucks but we do. This means that when you are entrusting them with one of your most precious possessions, they are actually relying on others to provide them with the vehicles they need to complete the job, creating great inefficiency and chance for error.

Why Autoland ?

Peace of Mind

We are on time, on budget and we have great people to work with you every step of the way. We don’t believe that car shipping should be an ordeal. You will have the peace of mind when you ship with Autoland of Pittsburgh,  we will get one of your most prized possessions from point A to point B in the same condition it was in when you entrusted it to us.

We take our job very seriously. We don’t think that you should have to worry from the moment of pickup to the moment of delivery, whether your car is being treated right. That is why we hire only the most professional, highly skilled and courteous transporters to do the job right. Yes, courteous was among the traits we look for in our transporters because we still believe in customer service, individualized care and delivering on what we promise.

In House Quality Control (We Own our Own Trucks)

At Autoland of Pittsburgh, we are good at what we do and we believe that in order to truly provide the quality and service that our customers expect, we need to maintain that high level of quality by keeping services in house. We own our own vehicles.. We strictly oversee all maintenance and service of our vehicles and take great pride in keeping them in top order.

We Go Where You Go

We ship nationwide, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. We are where you are, so we are always there for you to provide you with the most affordable car shipping prices without permitting you to sacrifice quality.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide you with the best way to ship your car, but we don’t think it has to cost a lot so it will always be at reasonable  car shipping prices. When you need to ship a car or a truck, contact Autoland of Pittsburgh. Our friendly and informative team is ready to help you every step of the way. Call us at 412-821-2524 or visit our Easy Car Shipping Cost Estimator Today for a Free Hassle-Free Quote. You will quickly find out what makes Autoland of Pittsburghr the best way to ship a car.

It Has wheels; We Can Ship It…and more.

>   Cars
>   Trucks
>   Work Vehicles
>   Exotic Cars
>   Antique Cars
>   Boats
>   Motorcycles
>   Small Aircraft
>   Heavy Work Equipment
Free Car Shipping Quote with Absolutely No Obligation

Competitive Rates that include everything needed to safely and securely get your car from Point A to Point B
Licensed and Bonded
Fully-Insured Drivers
Professional, Skilled & Friendly Team
No worries  car shipping. The Right price, on time and on a budget.
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We Have the Shipping Solution to Meet
Your Needs

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Single Car Transport


Extra Safe Enclosed Transport


Dealer Services


Job Relocation


Snowbirds Services




Oversized Work Equipment



People Just Like You Use our Service for their vehicle shipping needs…So can you too. Let’s look at the people we help with reliable car and truck shipping

Easing the transition during job relocation –Why not fly and have your car there waiting for you.

Helping Military Service men and women get their vehicles safely to a new base

Providing Car Dealers with safe and effective vehicle transport to and from the lot

Helping Snowbirds easily move between Summer and Winter homes

Aiding People who are buying a car online and need it shipped to their location

And We Can Help You Too. Call us at 412-821-2524 or visit our Easy Car Shipping Cost Estimator Today for a Free Hassle-Free Quote.
Autoland of Pittsburgh LLC

Why Ship your Car When You Can Drive

I am so glad you asked. When you drive your car long distances you are doing more than filling your gas tank. You are increasing your mileage and decreasing the value of your car, decreasing the life of your engine, tires and other critical parts, increasing the chances of an accident significantly. It may even seem cheaper on the surface to fill up your tank and go, but as you can see, we are the affordable alternative to costly wear and tear on your car. Learn the real cost of driving here.